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Workers Compensation

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If you’ve had the misfortune of suffering an injury at your workplace and you’re seeking compensation, the sensible course of action is to hire a workers’ compensation attorney with deep experience in these matters. Some businesses and organizations will tell you that representing yourself in these matters is fine, and while it’s true that there might be specific situations where you could get what you’re looking for on your own, the likelihood is that your employer might not give you an adequate settlement. With a workers’ comp lawyer on hand, you can make sure that your interests are protected moving forward. At The Law Office of Tracey R. Perlman, you can rest easy knowing that you’re in good hands. To learn more about our workers’ compensation service, and to discover why we’re the team that you need to place your trust in, simply read on below. For any additional queries, please call our office to set up an appointment to discuss your case.

Denying Claims

The principal circumstance that is troubling for people is when their employer is simply denying their workers’ compensation claim altogether. Unfortunately, workers comp insurers and employers reject workers’ compensation claims on a consistent basis. They do so because of their confidence that many workers will simply fail to appeal these decisions – and crazily, this is true! Of course, if you do pursue a claim through a workers’ compensation attorney, you stand a far better chance at getting the compensation you deserve!

Insufficient Settlements

Just because your employer or your workers’ compensation insurer offers compensation, it doesn’t mean what they’re providing is adequate. It might be that the settlement they provide doesn’t cover all of the wages lost or the extensive medical bills that you’ll have had to pay. This isn’t good enough.. Getting the optimal settlement is challenging on your own, but with a lawyer fighting your case you stand an infinitely better chance.

Injury Limitations

If the injury you’ve suffered will stop you from returning to work indefinitely, or it will limit the type of work that you’re able to carry out, it could be that you’re entitled to weekly payments for the foreseeable future – and perhaps for the remainder of your life. As you’d undoubtedly expect, these cases are very expensive for employers and insurers, so they’ll do almost anything to avoid paying up. We can make sure that you get what you’re due.

Managing Retaliation

Filing a workers’ comp claim often riles some feathers at work. Many bosses will fire workers, reduce their hours, limit their pay, or engage in other forms of discrimination. This isn’t okay. A workers’ compensation attorney can protect your legal rights, helping you seek further compensation for the damage suffered from these actions.